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Book conditions range from Mint to Very Fine to Reading copies depending on how they've been handled over the years and are priced accordingly. Also considered is scarcity, the printing Edition and whether water touched the book.  

A book's  described with its nicks and dents and the essential facts about a book. But what you get when you order is what you've already seen by reading a bit of the description. All books and magazines are checked, Cover-to-Cover, first page to the last page.


We list the Artists we locate in the Comic who did the Stories. We list what we  locate in the Comic. Sometimes we aren't able to make out their name so we omit them or list only a last name if it's readable. We list the first Story in a Comic and if the Title's mentioned as it's a courtesy to Collectors and viewers. 

First Edition:   

When a book's listed as a First Edition it means that this is a First Edition for that particular Book Publisher's printing. A "True  First Edition" (when the book was first printed anywhere) is listed as such.

Some books are said to be an "Original Printing" which   is listed by us as a "True First Edition". It's sometimes a way that a Publisher can make a few dollars extra as junk's also published.       
If a book's listed as being published in Canada and the U.S. this means that the Cover was printed in the U.S. and the body of the book was printed in Canada. It was an arrangement between our two countries because of Duty and tax purposes. It's all about money, people.

First Editions in Canada, the U.S.  the U.K. and other countries don't necessarily coincide as to dates published or sometimes even with content with the exact same Titles but they're still First Editions in their respective countries.                                                                                                                U.S. First editions aren't always the most valuable. Scarcity is what's important and then condition. 

Postage Rates and Delivery Times:      

 The number of pages will provide an approximate postage rate 

The postage rate page opens once an order is being placed. 

Our Post Office now only offers air delivery to the U.S. International Mail still has a choice between air and surface but we suggest using air for International sending as surface is like using carrier pigeon delivery and Instant Teleportation isn't quite perfected yet. We'll use it when it happens, though.

 We'll decide on a book by book basis whether to ask for the extra postage as postage rates are too expensive.    

Listed delivery times are only approximate  as delays happen sometimes.

It takes longer to deliver in the U.S. because you have a very large population and there are quite a few mail centers the order has to go to and be sorted and resorted until it's finally delivered to your home, especially if you're a new Colonist on Mars.

Postal rates are higher in Canada as our Canadian P.O. operates as a business and has to make a profit (so they tell us), although it still manages to lose money even at the high rates they charge us. It's tax subsidized. They just take it from general tax Revenue tax to pay for things as we are given the right to  pay extra for what the our government Services use, or misuse. Lucky us. I keep pleading "Perpetual Poverty" when I file my taxes but they never seem to listen.

PayPal Credit Cards Payment:   

When using a Credit Card choose the payment method listed as "Credit Card (via PayPal)".

Visa, MasterCard and other credit cards are entered here. This brings up the PayPal log-in page. Fill in the requested information,  sign in, go to the left side and click the credit card you'll be using then fill in the information requested. 

Bank encryption technology is used for your safety so if it's good enough for the Banks (so far) then it's good enough for us to trust. Use the chip in your Credit cards as this is what we  use in Canada. It's very fast and the companies take your money extremely quickly. Blink an eye and the money's gone. No kidding. Possibly in a short while the Credit card encryption will be upgraded to the new Code they're talking about now. 

  You don't need a PayPal account and  PayPal   is the only one who sees your information. I don't want to see you information nor do I wish to as it's your personal thing.

You must be given a very long PayPal number by them to confirm that your payment has been processed by them. If there's no number appearing after you're finished then your order hasn't gone through and will have to be repeated. I'm sure you'll love the hassle.

In this case send me an email if you aren't by then thoroughly annoyed at me and we'll restore the original book listing to Store Inventory (once you notify us) so you're able to redo the transaction as it's already automatically been deleted when the order was first placed.

Mistakes happen rarely but they sometimes do happen. It's human and  because sometimes the computer's having a bad hair day, too.  

PayPal also provides a customer Toll-free telephone number where they can be reached if you're having problems.  We used it a few times in the past and it actually works but other than this they've been quite good so we don't know why some people complain about them.

How to View Photos for  Books:   

Front Cover scans are available for some books but the pictures take up a lot of space and that's what our online Provider loves to charge us for We provide Front Cover scans of SOME listed books.

If you have a question feel free to write us. No problem. Everything is now redone and we can get on with life again. If you just want to chat and have something interesting to say then go ahead and write. The worst that can happen is we won't reply and will pin your e mail on the wall and throw darts at it while we snicker to ourselves and pretend to be erudite.

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