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Man and Environment, Arvill, Robert
1 Arvill, Robert Man and Environment
U.K. Pelican (Penguin Books). 1970 #14020889-5. Third Pelican (Penguin Books) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Very Good. 
       $2.25 is the original price. 332 pages which includes Appendices, References and Further Reading, a Bibliography, an Index and some book Advertising. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding.
Front Cover: A booklength crease's close to the right edge and two other slightly smaller ones are close to the Spine side. There's also a small indented top right corner and a fingernail indent at the middle of the right edge.
Spine: Four light creases from book opening.
Back Cover: A booklength crease and one which starts from it and continues to the top edge. Some very tiny impressions are on the Cover but they're so so.
In General: There are maps, graphs and black and white photos. One page has a bit of underlining but it's nothing much. There's a book stamp from a vanished local bookstore on the inside of the Front Cover.
Story: How Humanity and increasing/decreasing population effects Earth's environment. It's a relatively comprehensive look at Conservation efforts, or lack of them and what happens. 004706 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Europe's Troubled Peace 1945 - 2000, Buchanan, Tom
2 Buchanan, Tom Europe's Troubled Peace 1945 - 2000
U.K. Blackwell Pub. 2007 #631-22163-0. ?? Second Blackwell Pub. Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Plus. Cover Photo: Code 5 Design. 
       No price's indicated. 356 pages with Notes, a Guide to Further Reading and an Index. White paper. Tight binding.
In General: A couple of minor marks are on the Front Cover but they're nothing much. Some pages in the book have portions which are highlighted in pencil. Contains: Various maps and photos.
Story: A general discussion as to events from the years mentioned in the book's Title. 004716 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Those Devils in Baggy Pants, Carter, Ross C.
3 Carter, Ross C. Those Devils in Baggy Pants
Canada. A Signet Book. #S1466. First Signet Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. Spine Water Tchd. 
       October, 1957. $.50 is the original price. 192 pages. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Red on the edges.
Front Cover: A very small finger indent from holding the book open.
Spine: A few very faint lines where water lightly touched.
Story: A true eye witness account of battles. 004847 
Price: 95.00 USD
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D Day the Sixth of June, 1944, Howarth, David
4 Howarth, David D Day the Sixth of June, 1944
Pyramid Books. #511-02032. Fifth Pyramid Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. 
       June, 1969. $.75 is the original price. 256 pages. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding. Orange on the edges.
Front Cover: Three creases but two are very small. The third one's about 3" and seems to be just a slight bend from opening the book. The edges have small bits of wear.
Spine: A 2" indent's at the middle of the right side but this is due to uneven Folios when the book was manufactured. A bit of light wear's at the edges.
Back Cover: Light wear at the edges and some handling marks from holding open the book are at the middle. Nothing much.
Story: When Hitler started World War 2 he was able to drive out the Allies and conquer all of Europe. But in 1944 Eisenhower led the Allied armies and they invaded Europe and forced the Nazis to eventually surrender. Fifty million people died in the war because Hitler thought that Germans were meant to rule the world as they were the "Aryan Race" and all others were inferior to them and only fit to be their Servants and workers. A sort on Untermensch as they arrogantly liked to call Jewish people. The Nazis were a depraved bunch. 004962 
Price: 4.50 USD
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Wing Leader, Johnson, Group Captain 'Johnnie'
5 Johnson, Group Captain 'Johnnie' Wing Leader
U.K. Penguin Books (Allen Lane). 1959 #1383. First Penguin Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Almost Fine. 
       $.70 is the original price. 304 pages plus book Advertising on the inside of the Back Cover. Light medium paper. Tight binding. Contains: Many black and white photos.
Front Cover: A 2" crease from book opening's beside the middle of the Spine edge. The white portion of the Cover's slightly beige from age.
Spine: Darker medium beige.
Back Cover: A 5" slanted "rub" spot's at the top half of the book which's probably from other books sliding on this one.
Story: His personal Story of air fighting in several different Theaters of War over the years. He died in January 30, 2001 of Cancer and was then an Air Vice Marshal in the Air Force. He was 85. 004694 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Thunderbolt!, Johnson, Robert S. /Caidin, Martin
6 Johnson, Robert S. /Caidin, Martin Thunderbolt!
Canada U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. #G345-01961-X. Fourth Ballantine Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. Cover Art: Valigursky, Ed. 
       July, 1970. $.95 is the original price. 222 pages plus book Advertising. Tight binding. Light medium beige paper. Contains: Black and white photos in the middle of the book. Orange colour on the edges.
Front Cover: Five light fingernail indents and a small scratch at the bottom of the Cover.
Spine: Four light creases from book opening.
Back Cover: Light wear's at the bottom edge along with an 1/8" upturn and rather minor marks. Nothing much.
Story: European fighter action with the U.S. Thunderbolt plane. It's a U.S. written book about what they did and there are no outside accounts from possible observers of the plane in action. 004661 
Price: 24.50 USD
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Dark Square, The, Meynell, Laurence W.
7 Meynell, Laurence W. Dark Square, The
Canada. Wm. Collins & Sons & Co., Ltd. 1944 #201. First Wm. Collins & Sons & Co., Ltd. Mass Market Paperback. About Good. 
       $.25 is the original price. 192 pages. Tight binding. Light medium colour paper. Green colour on the edges.
Front Cover: Three large creases are on the Cover at the top and right side along with some edge wear which's mostly at the bottom edge. Plus the usual crease beside the Spine from book opening. The paperback's over seventy years old, after all.
Spine: Slightly bumpy, probably from age playing with the original glue.
Back Cover: Two book-length creases are at the right side plus some lighter and smaller ones are on the rest of the Cover at the left side.
Story: Playing Hide-and-Seek with Nazis while pretending to be a simple Teacher in a fictitious European town. 004639 
Price: 8.00 USD
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8 Palmer, Major Frederick America in France
Dodd, Mead and Co. 1918 First Dodd, Mead and Co. Edition. Hard Cover. Very Gd. Plus. Water Touched. 
       $.25, or possiby twenty-five Shillings (??) is the original price, apparently. Red - orange Covers and Spine with gold print. Tight binding. Rough - cut right page edges. Light beige paper. 479 pages.
In General: A couple of small water marks are on the Front Cover but the Back Cover has colour loss at the left leading edge for 1" and 2" x 1" at the top by the Spine. An oversized Library Pocket's on the first page.
Story: American troops in France and what they did in battle. 004087 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Tyrant of Bagdad, The, Pierce, Glenn
9 Pierce, Glenn Tyrant of Bagdad, The
Bantam Books, Inc. #F1774. First Bantam Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. Spine Wtr. Tchd. 
       April, 1958. $.50 is the original price. 281 pages plus Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Yellow on the edges.
Spine: A couple of light creases from book opening and some very small wrinkles from water lightly touching here. Nothing much.
Story: Adventure in the Ninth Century. Sword and sandal. 004993 
Price: 15.50 USD
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