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War Queen, The, Broxholme, J.F.
1 Broxholme, J.F. War Queen, The
U.K. Arrow Books Ltd. 1968 #09-001160-0. First Arrow Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Minus. Spine Water Tchd. 
       Three Shillings six Pence is the original price. 192 pages. Tight binding. Light medium beige paper, darker at the edges.
In General: The insides of both Covers are a light beige.
Story: The Story of Queen Boadicea who fought the Romans to get them out of Britain. A statue in her honour's in downtown London (Londinium, as the Romans called it). 004406 
Price: 13.75 USD
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Gun, The, Forester, C.S.
2 Forester, C.S. Gun, The
U.K. Penguin Books. 1956 #229. Second Penguin Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. Cover Art: Jacques, Robin. 
       $.60 (Canada) is the original price. Tight binding. 159 pages. Light medium beige paper.
In General: Opens easily at page 130-131 but everything's still tight.
Story: A gun's used by various people in their war against the French who invaded Spain in the 1800's during Napoleon's rule. Forester's Author of the Hornblower books. He's a good Author. 004374 
Price: 42.00 USD
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Randall and the River of Time, Forester, C.S.
3 Forester, C.S. Randall and the River of Time
U.K. New English Library. #2149. First New English Library Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. 
       May, 1968. Six Shillings is the original price. Light beige paper. 317 pages plus book advertising. Tight binding.
Front Cover: A partial bottle ring and a couple of smudges are at the middle of the right side. A previous Owner printed his name at the top of the Cover at the right side.
Story: A man's controlled by his wife. 004387 
Price: 15.50 USD
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On Valor's Side, Gallant, T. Grady
4 Gallant, T. Grady On Valor's Side
Canada. An Avon Book. #V2142. First Avon Bk. Co. Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About V. Good. Spine Water Tch Cover Art Abbott, Bob. 
       April, 1966. $.75 is the original price. 350 pages which includes a page of acknowledgments and advertising. Tight binding.
In General: Both Covers have handling marks and small creases. The Spine has small marks. The first page has a former Bookstore Stamp.
Story: Fighting in Guadalcanal. The book reads well and after you're into it for a few pages you keep on reading. Recommended. 004408 
Price: 13.25 USD
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Until the Sun Falls, Holland, Cecilia
5 Holland, Cecilia Until the Sun Falls
Canada. Pocket Books. #77217. Third Pocket Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. 
October, 1970. $.95 is the original price. 478 pages. Tight binding. Light beige paper. Red colour's on the edges. The first page's clipped at the right corner.Contains: A couple of maps and a brief Introduction to the Geneology of Kubla, the Khan.
In General: A " corner bend's on the Front Cover and there are the usual three creases at the middle of the Spine from book opening. Some indents from opening the book are on both Covers.
Story: This is a Tale about General Psin who led his Mongol Armies westward and almost conquered all of Europe before being stopped by the Hungarians at a famous battle. 004626 
Price: 63.50 USD
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Thunderbolt!, Johnson, Robert S. /Caidin, Martin
6 Johnson, Robert S. /Caidin, Martin Thunderbolt!
Canada U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. #G345-01961-X. Fourth Ballantine Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. Cover Art: Valigursky, Ed. 
July, 1970. $.95 is the original price. 222 pages plus book Advertising. Tight binding. Light medium beige paper. Contains: Black and white photos in the middle of the book. Orange colour on the edges.
Front Cover: Five light fingernail indents and a small scratch at the bottom of the Cover.
Spine: Four light creases from book opening.
Back Cover: Light wear's at the bottom edge along with an 1/8" upturn and rather minor marks. Nothing much.
Story: European fighter action with the U.S. Thunderbolt plane. It's a U.S. written book about what they did and there are no outside accounts from possible observers of the plane in action. 004661 
Price: 24.50 USD
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7 Palmer, Major Frederick America in France
Dodd, Mead and Co. 1918 First Dodd, Mead and Co. Edition. Hard Cover. Very Gd. Plus. Water Touched. 
       $.25, or possiby twenty-five Shillings (??) is the original price, apparently. Red - orange Covers and Spine with gold print. Tight binding. Rough - cut right page edges. Light beige paper. 479 pages.
In General: A couple of small water marks are on the Front Cover but the Back Cover has colour loss at the left leading edge for 1" and 2" x 1" at the top by the Spine. An oversized Library Pocket's on the first page.
Story: American troops in France and what they did in battle. 004087 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Giai Phong! The Fall and Liberation of Saigon, Terzani, Tiziano
8 Terzani, Tiziano Giai Phong! The Fall and Liberation of Saigon
U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. #345-25622-0. First Ballantine Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. 
       May, 1977. $2.25 is the original price. 334 pages which includes a Glossary and Index. Tight binding. Contains: A few Maps and quite a few black-and-white photos. Translator: Shepley, John.
Story: As the Title says. "Uncle Ho" admired the Americans and their struggle to be independant from England so he wrote to the White House to ask for American help in getting the French to leave his country as they'd originally claimed it as a Colony. But the American government took the side of the French against him because Ho had Communist leanings and we all know how this turned out. It was understandable as the French had supported the Americans in their original War of Independence.
       When the Japanese invaded various countries they tried to get the people on their side by convincing them how badly they'd been used by the countries that had controlled them as Colonies and how easy it was to defeat them in battle. The Japanese were much worse and brutal than the old Rulers but the idea of freedom remained in the heads of the people after the Japanese were defeated. All it took was to get the right people to start the ball rolling and Uncle Ho was the man. The age of Imperialist Power was over. When asked the people sometimes say that they might have corrupt governments but the government's are from themselves and not foreigners. It's sad that the U.S. didn't understand this and had to blunder into this war as they could have avoided it, Bad Advise they've always been good at. Stupid Politicians. They're so dumb but think they're so clever. 004407 
Price: 18.00 USD
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Loins of Amon, The, van  Heller, Marcus
9 van Heller, Marcus Loins of Amon, The
U.S. Brandon House Books. 1967 #2031 First Brandon House Library Ed. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Plus. 
$1.25 is the original price. 207 pages. White paper. Tight binding.
Front Cover: A " - wide creased corner's at the bottom right and there's a small bit of a white mark where the original price sticker probably was.
Spine: A tiny bit of edge wear's at the bottom.
Back Cover: A " - wide creased corner's at the top left and there's a light scratch at the middle at the bottom.
In General: A previous Owner lightly wrote in pencil some of their thoughts about the book. This can mostly be erased but please be very careful when doing it so you don't accidentally screw up the page. I'll do it for you if you ask. There's a very nice illustration on the Frontispiece. In case you're curious when the symbols point to the left you read from right to left. I just mention this as I studied a bit of ancient Egyptian hyroglyphs in my younger days when I was seriously thinking of becoming an Egyptologist and studying at The U. of Chicago.
Story: A good Tale set in ancient Egypt with a rather ironic ending. van Marcus writes well although he tosses in some gratuitous sex as this is a Brandon House book and they were noted for this. A good book to read, for me. Recommended, as it's well-written. The few Brandon House books I've browsed through over the years are usually well-written even if some of them are loaded with sex. 004704 
Price: 36.00 USD
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War, Politics & Power, von Clausewitz, Karl
10 von Clausewitz, Karl War, Politics & Power
U.S. Gateway (Henry Regnery Co.) 1965 #6076. Second Gateway Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. 
$1.95 is the original price. Tight binding. 304 Pages. Tanned paper.
In General: The insides of both Covers are lightly tanned. The Spine has a " tear at the bottom right and a " tear's at the top of the Back Cover.
Story: A summation of von Clausewitz's ideas about warfare, its goals and varieties. The Introduction by Edward M. Collins is quite interesting as it offers a summary of Political and Philosophical thought of European countries which helped to form their future attitudes toward warfare including Nuclear response and use. Even the Chinese Military from Mao tse Tung and up appear to have studied von Clausewitz. It's a very interesting book. Know your enemies, my friends. They certainly try to know us. 004450 
Price: 13.25 USD
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Second Seal, The, Wheatley, Dennis
11 Wheatley, Dennis Second Seal, The
U.K. Arrow Books Ltd. 1961 #504. Third Arrow Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. 
Five Shillings is the original price. 512 pages plus Arrow book Advertising and a Plot Synopsis on the inside of the Front Cover. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding.
Front Cover: Light wear's at the bottom edge, a few light indents are at the right 3" of the Cover and a " piece of Cover surface's missing at the bottom right. Two scuffs are also on the Cover. Nothing much, though.
Spine: About four lines and a bump where glue didn't take hold.
Back Cover: A large triangular crease's at the Spine side, a smaller one's at the bottom left corner and a " one's at the top left corner plus there are the usual few fingernail indents from holding the book as it's a thick one.
In General: A few maps show the progress of some battles mentioned in the book.
Story: Adventure, Bravery, Spying, Love. The usual Duc de Richleau Story from Wheatley. 004790 
Price: 11.00 USD
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