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Marvel Preview Presents, <b>Editor:</b> Warner, John.
1 Editor: Warner, John. Marvel Preview Presents
U.S. Magazine Management Co. #2928. Volume One Number Ten. Large 10" x 8" Magazine. Mint. Cvr. Art: Barr, Ken/Frontispiece: Starlin, Jim. 
       $1.00 is the original price. Sixty-six pages. Light beige paper, slightly darker at the left and bottom edges for about 1".
Story: Two Stories plus an Article and some Advertising. Both Stories are quite good as is the Art work. I read through them and found them quite enjoyable to read. Recommended. 005182 
Price: 55.00 USD
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Swordsmen and Supermen, <b>Editors:</b>Grant, Donald M./Collins, Charles M.
2 Editors:Grant, Donald M./Collins, Charles M. Swordsmen and Supermen
Centaur Press. First Centaur Press Edition Mass Market Paperback. Mint. Cover Art: Finlay, Virgil. 
       February, 1972. $.75 is the original price. 120 pages plus Advertising. White paper. Tight binding.
In General: A very small bit of wear's on the Spine side but it's normal wear.
Story: Five short Stories. 004608 
Price: 24.25 USD
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Beyond the Golden Stair, Bok, Hannes (Pseud. of: Woodard, Wayne).
3 Bok, Hannes (Pseud. of: Woodard, Wayne). Beyond the Golden Stair
Canada/U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. #345-02093-6. First Ballantine Book (Can.) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Minus. Cover Art: Gallardo, Gervaslo. 
November, 1970. $.95 is the original price. 209 pages plus Advertising. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding. Orange colour on the edges.
Front Cover: A small indent's at the middle of the right edge. Someone placed a paper on top of the Cover and wrote something on it, the outline transferring to the Cover. Spoiled a really good copy by doing this. What a Clown. He should go to the Magic Land and be changed along with the others.
Spine: Several lines from book opening.
Back Cover: A few faint indents from opening the book.
In General: A previous Owner stamped his name at the top of the inside of the Front Cover.
Story: Men escape from prison and find a golden stairway which leads to a Fantasy land. It's not all fun and games for them, though. 004788 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Spell Sword, The: Darkover Novel, A, Bradley, Marion Zimmer
4 Bradley, Marion Zimmer Spell Sword, The: Darkover Novel, A
Canada/U.S. DAW Books, Inc. #451-UQ1131. First DAW Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Minus. Cover and Interior Art: Barr, G. 
       September, 1974. $.95 is the original price. 158 pages plus book Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding.
Back Cover: Five fingernail indents.
In General: Page seven has a " stain at the top right corner which becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears by page seventeen. Nothing much.
Story: As the Title says. 004783 
Price: 15.50 USD
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Angels and Spaceships, Brown, Fredric
5 Brown, Fredric Angels and Spaceships
U.S. E.P.Dutton and Co. 1954 First E.P.Dutton Book Club Edition. Hard Cover. Overall, V. Gd. Water Touched. Book Club Edition.  
       Creamy-white paper. Blue Covers with lime print and a Spaceman and halo drawing on the Front Cover. 186 pages. Tight binding. The pages are rough-cut on the right edge. Yellow colour at the top.
Front Cover: Light marks from water which continue to the first two pages but it's not too much.
Spine: The bottom's a worn for " and the top's wrinkled for ".
In General: The Back Cover had something press into it which left a series of book length widthwise marks 3" from the top. On the back page and inside of the Cover's the outline where water touched. This continues to page 186 and then ends.
Story: A Collection of Brown's short Science fiction and Fantasy Stories. This is a First Dutton Book Club edition as the true First Edition had 224 pages. 000470 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Black Legion of Callisto, Carter, Lin
6 Carter, Lin Black Legion of Callisto
Canada. A Dell Book. #440-00925. First Dell Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Minus. 
December, 1972. $.95 is the original price. 203 pages plus Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Green colour on the edges.
In General: Various creases and light edge wear's on both Covers. The Spine has some wear and creasing.
Story: Jandar tries to free the Princess and her city which's held by the Black Legion. 004535 
Price: 4.25 USD
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Giant of World's End, Carter, Lin
7 Carter, Lin Giant of World's End
Canada. Belmont Books. #500-00753. First Belmont Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Reading Copy Due to a Defect. 
       February, 1969. $.50 is the original price. 141 pages plus Advertising. Tight binding. Green colour on the top edge but faded on the other two.
Front Cover: The "Defect" mentioned is that a BB pellet was fired at the left Spine side which penetrated for about half the book leaving it's mark. I smoothed it over but the only thing that will make that spot flat would be to paste a small piece of invisible Scotch mending tape over the thing to keep the pages normal again. Invisible mending tape holds up quite well over the years. DO NOT USE ORDINARY SCOTCH TAPE AS IT'S USELESS.
Back Cover: (?) Ink marks are on the Cover. I tried to remove them but they seem to actually be part of the Cover.
Story: Another Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Novel from Lin Carter. If it wasn't for this goof and his pellet shot the book would be close to Mint and at a higher price. 004379 
Price: 5.75 USD
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Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination Orig. (The Moonlight Traveler)., Editor: Stern, Philiip van Doren
8 Editor: Stern, Philiip van Doren Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination Orig. (The Moonlight Traveler).
Canada. Pocket Books Cardinal Edition. #C156. Second Cardinal Edition (Pocket Books). Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Water Tchd. Cover Art: Bacon, Paul. 
October, 1955. 485 pages plus Advertising. Medium beige paper. Tight binding.
Front Cover: A 4" slanted crease's at the bottom of the right corner and there's some light wear at the right and bottom edges.
Spine: A crease from book opening and some small water wrinkles. Nothing very much, though.
In General: A previous Owner's name is written at the top of the first page.
Story: Twenty-one Short Stories.
Note: Everyone lists this book as being published in 1954. This is not actually true as a Second Edition was printed in 1955 and this is the copy I'm listing. Sometimes Dealers get lazy and don't read what's printed, which I find annoying. If you're supposed to be a Professional Dealer then act like one. This copy's listed at a proper price for age, condition and printing. And it's 1955, not 1954 as all the sheep are stating. Remember. You usually get true and accurate information at as we take the time to do our research. Until we get too decrepid to do anything except breathe, of course. 004885 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Gnome Man's Land, Friesner, Esther
9 Friesner, Esther Gnome Man's Land
U.S. Ace Books. 0441081223 / 9780441081226 First Ace Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mostly Good. Water Touched. Cover Art: Warhola, James. 
January, 1991. $4.50 is the original price. 235 pages and a page of Advertising. Light beige paper, darker at the top and bottom edges. Light yellow colour's on the edges.
Front Cover: A 4" vertical crease's at the middle of the top edge and the usual couple are at the top right corner along with three indents from holding the book.
Spine: The usual crease from opening the book and some wear's at both sides.
Back Cover: Three slanted creases are at the top left corner and a very long one's by the Spine side. A " piece of the Cover's missing at the top left and some wear's at the bottom edge.
In General: A few page corners at the beginning and end of the book are creased/bent and the book opens a bit easily at page twenty-five. There's a beige mark on the inside of the Front Cover where something must have spilled..
Story: A hole's been ripped in the Universe and magical creatures are dropping to New York and causing a slight bit of mayhem. 004530 
Price: 4.50 USD
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Dwellers in the Mirage, Merritt, A.
10 Merritt, A. Dwellers in the Mirage
Canada. Avon Books. #1S-271. First Avon Books (Canada) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Water Tchd. Cover Art: Rosa, Douglas. 
       March, 1967. $.60 is the original price. Tight binding. Light beige paper. 222 pages plus a page of book advertising. Red colour's on the edges.
Back Cover: The back Cover was slightly rough from another Cover sticking to this one and it left it not as shiny as the Front Cover.
Story: A Fantasy about a man slipping through Time and Space and arriving in another World where his adventure takes place. 004343 
Price: 8.50 USD
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Masters of the Pit., Moorcock, Michael.
11 Moorcock, Michael. Masters of the Pit.
U.K. New English Library. #007219. First New English Library Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fair Plus-Good Min. Water Tchd 
       July,1971. Five Shillings is the original price.126 pages plus advertising. Light medium beige paper, darker at the edges.
Front Cover: A water mark caused a " of colour loss at the top right corner and the Cover looks a bit dulled from use but it could have been how it was originally issued as I'm not certain.
Back Cover: The Cover looks a bit dulled from either age or use.
In General: The first five pages have a " of rolling at the top edge.
Story: Part three of the trilogy in which our Hero travels to Mars. The books are, so far: 1. City of the Beast. 2. Lord of the Spiders. 3. Masters of the Pit. 004391 
Price: 9.00 USD
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Yurth Burden., Norton, Andre.
12 Norton, Andre. Yurth Burden.
Canada U.S. DAW Books (NAL), Inc. #0-97997-400-1. True First Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Gd. Rdg. Copy. Water Tch Cover and Art: Gaughan, Jack. 
       September, 1978. $1.95 is the original price. Reasonably tight binding except between pages seventy-seven to seventy-eight where the book easily opens. Darker medium beige paper. Water originally entered at the top of the book and left a mark which gradually disappears as you go into the book.
Front Cover: Two areas are at the top 2" where a bit of Cover surface was removed which stuck to another Cover.
Spine: The usual crease from book opening.
Back Cover: I replaced the Cover as it was tightly stuck to another one.
In General: Pages seventy-one to seventy-seven are darker medium beige and dark brown outlines are on the paper. A " roll's at the right edges.
Story: A Fantasy Novel. 004163 
Price: 5.25 USD
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Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, The, Wallop, Douglass
13 Wallop, Douglass Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, The
U.S. Cardinal (Pocket Books). #C-328. First Cardinal Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. 
       October, 1958. 186 pages. Tight binding but the first twenty-eight pages I reglued as they were loose due to brittle glue. Medium beige paper. Yellow colour on the edges.
Front Cover: A "crease's at the bottom right corner and there's the usual line at the Spine side from book opening.
Spine: A crease's down the middle from book opening.
Back Cover: A crease from book opening's beside the Spine side.
Story: Play ball but don't mess around with The Devil. 001871 
Price: 7.00 USD
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