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Honest Ed Welcomes You, Antelle, Yvonne
1 Antelle, Yvonne Honest Ed Welcomes You
Canada. A Greywood Book. #104. First Greywood Books Special. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. Cover Art: Antelle, Yvonne and Patterson, Betty. 
       October, 1967. $1.00 is the original price. 120 pages which includes book Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Contains: Numerous black-and-white photos.
In General: There's a 2" corner crease at the bottom, left corner which continues backward to the black-and-white photos.
Story: When "Honest Ed" Mirvish was alive he was a Torontonian who was noted for cheap prices and his large Stock of things. He was a sort of WalMart before WalMart. 004630 
Price: 15.50 USD
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Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective), Baring-Gould, W.S.
2 Baring-Gould, W.S. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective)
Canada. Popular Library Beagle Books. #SP211. (?)First Popular Lib. Beagle Bks. Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Plus. 
March, 1963. $.60 is the original price. 300 pages which includes two Appendices. Medium beige paper. Tight binding with the exception of the first five pages which easily open. Light green on the edges.
In General: a couple of places have very light bits of wear and a " piece's missing at the top left of the Spine side. Minor things. The inside of both Covers are a light tan.
Story: An Analysis of Sherlock Holmes' methodology and some of the Cases he worked on. An interesting book I'm tempted to keep as it's a Scholarly work. 004914 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Adventurous Life of Winston Churchill, The, Bocca, Geoffrey
3 Bocca, Geoffrey Adventurous Life of Winston Churchill, The
An Avon Book. 1958 G1234. First Avon Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. 
$.50 is the original price. 160 pages with a Life Chronology and an Index. Medium beige paper. Tight binding. Lime green on the edges with a couple of small smudge marks at the bottom by the Spine.
In General: A small bit of wear's at the bottom and top edges plus a light 2" indent's at the Spine side of the top edge. Nothing much. Contains: A section of black and white photos.
Story: Churchill certainly DID lead an adventurous life. It's possibly not in this book but he peed on The Nazi Sigfried Line during the Second World War as he told a friend at the time he'd always wanted to do that if he got the chance in order to show his contempt for Hitler.
One of the photos shows him with Stalin. At the time he told Roosevelt that he thought he had the type of personality to get along with Stalin and persuade him to do things he desired. And so on. Unfortunately, after the war was over the English Public voted him out of Office as they were tired of him by that time. But he was the right man for the right job at the right time, as they used to say in those days as he was able to inspire the people to fight on when everything seemed very bad for England. 004849 
Price: 10.00 USD
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My LIfe and Easy Times, Campbell, Patrick
4 Campbell, Patrick My LIfe and Easy Times
U.K. Sphere Books. 1968 #21628. First Sphere Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. 
No North American price's indicated. Tight binding. Light medium beige paper. 223 Pages.
In General: A tiny indent's at the top right on the Front Cover along with a few light creases and what looks like a couple of light bottle outines. Six of them are at the top of the Back Cover and a couple of light creases. The first page has a small piece cut out at the top right.
Story: He sounds vaguely famiiar but I can't really place the man. Anyway, this is his Biography. 004432 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Death  Be Not Proud, Gunther, John
5 Gunther, John Death Be Not Proud
U.S. Perennial Library (Harper & Row). 1965 #P111. First Perennial Lib. (Harper & Row) Ed. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. Cover Art: Bacon Studio. 
$.60 is the original price. 163 pages Light beige paper. Tight binding.
In General: The Front Cover has outlining on the birds plus a small name in ballpoint at the top edge. There are a few small creased corners on the Covers and some of the pages otherwise the book's in very good condition. The Frontispiece has a Reader's opinion of the book but this is a young Reader who has a bit of growing up to do with regard to Life.
Story: Gunther's writing about his Son and his death. 004559 
Price: 7.00 USD
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Raven, The, James, Marquis
6 James, Marquis Raven, The
U.S. Paperback Library. #65-539. Fourth Paperback Library Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. Water Tchd. 
       March, 1971. $.95 is the original price 320 pages. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Orange colour on the edges.
Front Cover: Four or five slanted creases are at the bottom right.
Spine: Wrinkled from water touching.
Back Cover: Several small creases are at the top left corner and a few handling marks are at the left side from book opening.
In General: The first page's half missing which has me curious why but fortunately it was mostly just a blank page. A few pages at the back of the book have creased corners from the crease that was on the Back Cover. Nothing much.
Story: A Biography of Sam Houston and Texas. 004611 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Bush Pilot with a Briefcase, The Happy-go Lucky Story of Grant MacConachie, Keith, Ronald A.
7 Keith, Ronald A. Bush Pilot with a Briefcase, The Happy-go Lucky Story of Grant MacConachie
Canada. Paper Jacks. 1973 #0-7737-7042-9. / 9780773770423 Mass Market Paperback. Mint. 
       $1.95 is the original price. Tight binding. 322 pages plus book advertising. Light medium beige paper. Contains: Many photos printed on the pages.
Story: A Biography of the man who flew into the bush in Canada and later became President of CP Air at the age of 38. If you have the Moxie you go far, bro. 004335 
Price: 82.00 USD
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Eleanor and Franklin, Lash. Joseph P.
8 Lash. Joseph P. Eleanor and Franklin
Canada/U.S. Signet (NAL) Books. #J5310. First Signet (NAL) Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Water Tchd. 
January, 1973. $1.95 is the original price. 1020 pages plus a Bilioraphical Note, References and an Index. Light beige paper, turning slightly darker. Tight binding. Contains: Black and white photos.
Front Cover: A couple of creases are at the bottom right corner and handling marks are on the rest of the Cover. Four small bits of Cover surface are missing at the bottom of the Cover. Nothing much.
Spine: Two creases from book opening plus some edge wear.
Back Cover: Two creases are at the top left corner and one's at the bottom left corner. Light edge wear's at the three edges.
In General: Water touched from page 909 to the end at the bottom quarter of the pages but it's reasonable.
Story: The book's based on Eleanor Roosevelt's private papers. Note: It's a large and heavy book so will probaby require extra postage. 004612 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Jennie  - The Romantic Years 1854 - 1895, Martin, Ralph G.
9 Martin, Ralph G. Jennie - The Romantic Years 1854 - 1895
U.S. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Fourth Prentice-Hall Edition. Fine. 
Brown Covers with bronze and gold print and an emblem on the Spine and a gold emblem on the Front Cover. $8.95 is the original price. March, 1969. 404 pages containing Acknowledgments, Notes, Critical References and Bibliography and an Index. Cream coloured paper. Tight binding. Contains: Black and white photos. Book: About Fine with the upper left corner tip worn. A couple of residue spots are on the Front Cover as the Wrapper must have had a bit of glue to hold it to the Cover at one time.
Wrapper: The Mylar took the handling. I'm not certain about the pictorial Wrapper as I didn't want to take apart the Mylar to check it.
In General: The Frontispiece shows the marks where something was once glued to it and there are the usual book Number and date stamps at the top right corner. The End Paper at the back has a similar mark but only a very small 1" piece remains of the Library Pocket. A few small marks are on some of the pages and the bottom right corner's slightly bent as it's a heavy book and a previous Owner probably dropped it on that corner.
Story: Winston Churchill's Mother. As the saying goes, the Rich aren't like the rest of the people. Really. The Queen Mother, for example, only drinks champagne as she thinks water's not good for health. Hmmm. I vaguely remember a couple of times drinking the bubbly stuff. 004713 
Price: 40.00 USD
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Somerset and All the Maughams, Maugham, Robin
10 Maugham, Robin Somerset and All the Maughams
Canada/U.S. Signet.(New American Library). #Q3166. First Signet (NAL ) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine Plus. 
May, 1967. $.95 is the original price. 280 pages which contain Notes, Appendices, and an Index. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Contains: Numerous black and white photos.
Front Cover: Three small fingernail indents and some lout's three numbers/letters as his claim to Fame.
Spine: The usual two lines from opening the book as it's reasonably thick.
Back Cover: A couple of light and small indents plus the usual manufacturing mark.
Story: Written by the Nephew of Maugham the books' rather detailed although I often think that it's sometimes best not to reveal all the skeletons in the Family closet so we can still believe in an air of Mystery. So, in this book we find that Maugham actually did have warts like all the rest of us mere Mortals. Apparently a decent sort, as they say, but somewhat of a sour puss in life. An interesting book. 004691 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Young John Kennedy, Schoor, Gene
11 Schoor, Gene Young John Kennedy
U.S. Macfadden - Bartell Book. #75-132. First Macfadden - Bartell Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Good. 
       1963 is the only Copyright date mentioned for this book. $.75 is the original price. 192 pages. Tight binding. Spotted red colour on the edges. Contains: Numerous black-and-white photos. A photo of a very young - looking Kennedy's on the Front Cover.
Front Cover: A large inverted Y-shaped crease goes across the Cover and a 3" crease's beside the Spine side.The book's been read, obviously.
Story: As the book Title states. The book ends in 1960 after Kennedy was elected President. No matter what your opinion of him as a President he was a brave, sexy guy who rescued his wounded Buddies after the Japanese destroyer sliced his P.T. boat in two and he made Kruschev blink when the final fifteen minutes were almost up before World War 3 was about to start.
       Most of the world, including me, were watching live news to see what was about to happen as the Russian ships kept sailing to Cuba with Russian missiles on board despite being warned by Kennedy what would happen if they didn't stop within that time frame. Castro was really hoping there'd be a war as he hated the Americans. He had a hatred in him that was as black as the Pits of Hell and he didn't care about the rest of Humanity as long as Kruschev would Nuke the U.S. Which was one reason the Russians never gave Castro control of their Nuclear weapons because he would have used them. He has a deep hatred of the U.S. 001121 
Price: 7.50 USD
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George Washington the Image and the Man, Woodward, W.E.
12 Woodward, W.E. George Washington the Image and the Man
Premier (Fawcett) Books. #440. First Premier (Fawcett) Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Poor to Fair. Reading Copy. 
December,1956. $.50 is the original price. 296 Pages. Faded orange colour on the edges. Tight (reglued and reinforced) binding. Light medium beige paper.
Front Cover: Worn and used.
Spine: Split and used but I reinforced and reglued it so the book's nice and tight and the edges are even again.
Back Cover: Various creases, long and short.
In General: Page 154-155 has a 1" piece missing at the bottom right corner. I straightened the pages out so things were neat again but there's nothing I could do with straightening the right edge because someone used this glue which was incredibly tough to get rid of so I settled for having neat top and bottom edges as it was too much work to straighten the right edge although I suppose it could probably have been done as I can sometimes perform miracles when it comes to book repairs.
Story: A Biography of the man although it was possibly Politically slanted writing depending on the Author's Political leanings. 004439 
Price: 5.00 USD
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Orlando, Woolf, Virginia
13 Woolf, Virginia Orlando
U.S. Penguin Books, Inc. #590. First Penguin Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Cover Art: Salrey. 
       April, 1946. $.25 is the original price. 216 pages which includes a small Index. Tight binding. Light medium beige paper and faded red colour on the edges. Some pages are a bit darker than the others but this is possibly due to the paper stock used in printing and how the paper aged.
Story: Virginia Woolf's Biography. 004352 
Price: 26.50 USD
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