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Defeat at Sea, Bekker, C.D.
1 Bekker, C.D. Defeat at Sea
U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. 1955 #183. First Ballantine Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. 
$.35 is the original price. 184 pages. Mostly light beige paper. Tight binding. Yellow colour on the edges.
Frtont Cover: A couple of curved indents are at the top right corner but they're very light and nothing serious. A couple of finger indents from opening the Cover are at the middle of the right edge.
Spine: A couple of minute tears are at the bottom edge and a tiny piece of Cover's missing at the top right of the Spine.
Back Cover: Five or six finger indents and four or five tiny dot indents. So so marks.
Story: The Germany Navy from 1939 to the 1945 end of the war. They mention their new subs at the end of the book. Probably the U.S. and Brits used the information they got from the Germans just as they used the German rocket Scientist information. I think that we were lucky we were able to out produce the Germans or we'd be speaking German today and working as Slaves for the Master Race. Nicht wahr? 004728 
Price: 9.50 USD
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Those Devils in Baggy Pants, Carter, Ross C.
2 Carter, Ross C. Those Devils in Baggy Pants
Canada. A Signet Book. #S1466. First Signet Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. Spine Water Tchd. 
October, 1957. $.50 is the original price. 192 pages. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Red on the edges.
Front Cover: A very small finger indent from holding the book open.
Spine: A few very faint lines where water lightly touched.
Story: A true eye witness account of battles. 004847 
Price: 95.00 USD
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When the Kissing Had to Stop, Fitz Gibbon, Constantine
3 Fitz Gibbon, Constantine When the Kissing Had to Stop
U.K. Pan Giant Books. 1963 #X186. Third Pan Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Good. 
Three Shillings Six Pence is the original price. 252 pages plus Advertising. Darker beige paper.
In General: Various handling marks on both Covers but the Spine's Fine. A few pages between page forty-five and fifty-three have bends but they're nothing much.
Story: They're not kidding in their Blurb about this book as it's depressing to browse. The Russians, Chinese, crime groups, Nazis and Baddies of the world take over in England and other areas and set up their usual methods of population control with concentration camps and general other "methods". I wish people in the world would wake up to how things are really going. Again. The book's depressing to browse. Maybe it's better you don't buy the book.Seriously. 004956 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Nightmare, The, Forester, C.S.
4 Forester, C.S. Nightmare, The
UK. New Engish Library. #2671 First NEL Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Almost Fine. 
       March, 1970. Five Shillings is the original price. 126 pages plus two pages of book advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding.
Front Cover: Minor shelf wear on the edges and a slight " x 1" indent's at the top right edge.
Spine: Two faint lines from book opening.
Back Cover: Minor wear at the edges from shelf sliding and the usual line at the Spine from book opening.
Story: Forester wrote this book based on information gathered after the war ended about the attempted assassination of Hiter in his War Bunker by various Generals who wanted to get rid of him so they could approach us about stopping the war and saving Germany from the destruction they feared would soon happen. In light of all the massacers and destruction the Nazis caused and their utter ruthlessness toward people they conquered I doubt that we would have accepted anything except complete capitulation and there were too many Nazi fanatics who probably wouldn't have accepted this. As is, depsite all the bungling that went on on all sides the Nazis came damn close to conquering the world as they were developing weapons so far in advance that we had nothing to beat them with. So..... 004625 
Price: 8.50 USD
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D Day the Sixth of June, 1944, Howarth, David
5 Howarth, David D Day the Sixth of June, 1944
Pyramid Books. #511-02032. Fifth Pyramid Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. 
June, 1969. $.75 is the original price. 256 pages. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding. Orange on the edges.
Front Cover: Three creases but two are very small. The third one's about 3" and seems to be just a slight bend from opening the book. The edges have small bits of wear.
Spine: A 2" indent's at the middle of the right side but this is due to uneven Folios when the book was manufactured. A bit of light wear's at the edges.
Back Cover: Light wear at the edges and some handling marks from holding open the book are at the middle. Nothing much.
Story: When Hitler started World War 2 he was able to drive out the Allies and conquer all of Europe. But in 1944 Eisenhower led the Allied armies and they invaded Europe and forced the Nazis to eventually surrender. Fifty million people died in the war because Hitler thought that Germans were meant to rule the world as they were the "Aryan Race" and all others were inferior to them and only fit to be their Servants and workers. A sort on Untermensch as they arrogantly liked to call Jewish people. The Nazis were a depraved bunch. 004962 
Price: 4.50 USD
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Dark Square, The, Meynell, Laurence W.
6 Meynell, Laurence W. Dark Square, The
Canada. Wm. Collins & Sons & Co., Ltd. 1944 #201. First Wm. Collins & Sons & Co., Ltd. Mass Market Paperback. About Good. 
$.25 is the original price. 192 pages. Tight binding. Light medium colour paper. Green colour on the edges.
Front Cover: Three large creases are on the Cover at the top and right side along with some edge wear which's mostly at the bottom edge. Plus the usual crease beside the Spine from book opening. The paperback's over seventy years old, after all.
Spine: Slightly bumpy, probably from age playing with the original glue.
Back Cover: Two book-length creases are at the right side plus some lighter and smaller ones are on the rest of the Cover at the left side.
Story: Playing Hide-and-Seek with Nazis while pretending to be a simple Teacher in a fictitious European town. 004639 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Ultimate Solution, The, Norden, Eric
7 Norden, Eric Ultimate Solution, The
U.S. Warner Paperback Library. #446-75154-5. First Warner Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Very Good. Cover Art: Chwast, Seymour. 
May, 1973. $.95 is the original price. 142 pages plus Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Yellow on the edges.
In General: A bit of light wear's at the edges of the book and two small creases are at the middle of the Spine side of the Front Cover. Nothing much, though.
The Nazis win the war and the U.S. is under their control. 005059 
Price: 40.00 USD
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Berlin Embassy, Russell, William
8 Russell, William Berlin Embassy
A MacFadden Book. 1962 #50-129. First Macfadden-Bartell Edition. Mass Market Pbk. Close to Mint. 
$.50 is the original price. 208 pages. Light beige paper. Red colour on the edges. Tight binding.
In General: Very small bits of shelf rubbing at the very bottom edge of the Front Cover and an 1/8 inch crease at the bottom, left of the Back Cover. The inside of both Covers has a small amount of tanning at the edges (about ") Otherwise, it's in very nice condition.
Story Russell's observations about Germany and its people when he was in the U.S. Embassy prior to the start of World War 2. It's an interesting read and provides information as to what life was like under a Nazi Dictatorship meant to supposedly benefit the Deutsch Volk. 005217 
Price: 16.50 USD
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Anzio, Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford
9 Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford Anzio
U.K. Pan Books Ltd. 1963 #M40. First Pan Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. 
267 pages with a Bibliography and Index. Contains: Black and white photos and maps showing various stages of the Campaign.
Front Cover: Some small fingernail indents from opening the book.
Spine: The usual crease from book opening.
Back Cover: A couple of fingernail indents from book opening plus a 4" crease near the Spine which's also from book opening.
In General: The first pages at the front of the book have a partial light bend at the top, right corner and page 169 has a large creased upper corner used as a bookmark, this outline continuing for several other pages.
Story: The German drive to push the Allies from their Beachhead at Anzio, which almost succeeded. It's rather interesting if you read how the former Nazi Generals acted when in prison cells in Nurembourg. Not quite so arrogant then. Twits. 004692 
Price: 14.85 USD
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