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5000 Nights at the Opera, Bing, Sir Rudolf
1 Bing, Sir Rudolf 5000 Nights at the Opera
U.S. Popular Library 1972 #445-00172. (?) First Popular Library Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Good. Poss. Spine's Water Tchd 
$1.25 is the original price. 362 pages plus numerous photos printed on the pages. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Green on the edges.
Front Cover: Some creases and finger indents from holding open the book are on the Cover and these can probably be best seen on the Cover Scan.
SpIne: Several fine lines from water briefly touching here but they're nothing much.
Back Cover: Some marks from holding open the book.
Story: An Autobiography about Sir Bing's tenure as Manager of The Met, in New York. Magnificent scenery's shown in some of the photos. Impressive. 004841 
Price: 5.50 USD
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Will There Really Be a Morning?, Farmer, Frances
2 Farmer, Frances Will There Really Be a Morning?
Canada. Dell Pub. Co. #440-09252. First Dell Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Minus. Water Tchd. 
July, 1973. $1.50 is the original price. 379 pages plus Advertising. Tight binding. Medium beige paper, a bit darker at the edges on some pages. Medium green colour on the top end right edge, dark green at the bottom edge.
Front Cover: One crease's at the top right corner and three others are at the bottom right corner. The usual Spine crease from book opening and some light edge wear and handling marks are on the Cover.
Spine: Two creases from book opening and an 1/8" tear's at the bottom right side plus the usual light edge wear at the four edges.
Back Cover: A few small creases are at the bottom edge and handling marks are on the Cover.
In General: Some water entered at page 237 but gradually ends by page 250. The paper's a bit darker for 1" at edges where it touched. Two pages at the back of the book have a " piece missing at the bottom right corner
Story: Frances Farmer was a movie Actress who starred with some of the top male Actors in her day but too much booze got to her plus she went a bit off kilter and her "friends" had her locked up for mental they claimed. This is her personal Autobiography which she finished shortly before dying from Cancer. What she describes makes the movie The Snake Pit seem quite tame in comparson to how it really happens once people can get hold of you and do what they want to do. She had a sad last few years and died alone which is just as sad. She was basically a good person and no one deserves to die like a mistreated animal. 004498 
Price: 40.00 USD
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Land Beyond The Nile, Forsberg, Malcolm
3 Forsberg, Malcolm Land Beyond The Nile
U.S. Moody Press. 1967 #53. First Moody Press Edition. Large Soft Cover.(6" x 4"). Fine. 
No price's mentioned. Tight binding. 232 Pages. Medium beige paper. Contains: Two pages of hand-drawn Maps of Sudan and Ethiopia, it's neighbour plus pages of photos printed directly on the book's paper.
Front Cover: A couple of 1" creases are at the bottom right corner and three 4" vertical ones are at the middle of the Cover.
Back Cover: A 6" slanted crease's beside the Spine.
Story: Missionary work in Sudan in the 1960's. 004452 
Price: 9.50 USD
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Wanderer, Hayden, Sterling
4 Hayden, Sterling Wanderer
U.S. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Borzoi). 1963 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Borzoi) Ed. Hard Cover with Wrapper. Book: Mint. Grey boards with a nice blue Spine with bright gold leaf Art and print. 434 pages plus a one page Biography of the Author. No original price appears but others say it was $6.95. Light cream paper with rough-cut right edges and a blue nautical colour at the top edge. Tight binding.
Wrapper: About fine. The interior at the Spine side and top edge's lightly browned with a 1" x " piece missing at the top edge of the outside of the Back. A small bit of minor beige colour's at the top and right side edge of the outside of the Front Cover and a couple of small knicks are at the bottom edge of the Wrapper. It's a very nice copy.
Story: Hayden says he left Hollywood Acting because he never much liked doing it in the first place. The movies I've seen with him are where he usually played tough guys as he had that kind of voice and mannerisms for it. 004633 
Price: 105.00 USD
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Xaviera Goes Wild!, Hollander, Xaviera
5 Hollander, Xaviera Xaviera Goes Wild!
Canada. Warner Paperback Library. #0-446-59632-9. / 9780446596329 First Warner Paperback Lib. Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Poor to Fair. Reading Copy. Covers: Babovsky, H Case, Derek. 
       July, 1974. $1.75 is the original price. Tight binding. 365 pages plus advertising. Light beige paper slightly turning darker.
In General: The book has been well-read as there are indents, creases and a couple of tears at the bottom of the Spine.
Story: Xaviera writes about what she likes about several world cities and the men she met. I don't know if she's quite honest about why she had to leave Canada as I read a newspaper Article at the time which described why she was asked to leave Canada. What she did was a really stupid thing on her part.
       I was amazed at the number of books she's Authored and as I've said before she has a nice writing style although it does tend to get boring to constantly be reading about sex. However, I'll place her alongside Hugh Heffner for opening up things about Sex instead of having it always as a Monty Python wink, wink, nudge, nudge sort of thing. She's had a very adventurous type of life and is now hopefully aging gracefully with her Husband and kids. She usually handled her life with grace. 004366 
Price: 7.50 USD
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Roses in December, Keyes, Frances Parkinson
6 Keyes, Frances Parkinson Roses in December
Canada/U.S. Avon Book Co. #N288. Third Avon Book Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Fine. 
May, 1970. $.95 is the original price. 352 pages with an Author's Note and an Index. Light beige paper. Red on the edges.
In General: The Front Cover has a couple of very small indents from holding the book and the usual manufacturing lines.
Spine: A gauche kind of crease's down the middle from book opening. Pity, as the book's in very nice condition, otherwise, except for the Barbarian's handiwork on the Spine.
Story: I was really surprised as I had no idea that this was Keyes's Autobiography. My Subconscious has good taste in choosing books as I'm sometimes just the Dolt who comes along with it. 005076 
Price: 5.75 USD
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Sexus, Miller, Henry
7 Miller, Henry Sexus
U.S. Grove Press (An Evergreen Black Cat Book). 1965 #BC-99. Fifth Grove Press (Evergreen) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Good. 
$1.25 is the original price. 634 pages plus book Advertising. Light beige paper. Tight binding. Red colour on the edges.
In General: The book's been handled and the Spine has several lines where the book was opened. It's a very thick book so be careful when reading it. If you want me to open it up and reinforce it with nylon webbing tell me but the Spine doesn't always come out looking pretty but tends to be a bit bumpy because of the glue although I smooth it out as best as is possible.
Story: Miller's Autobiography. These two books don't seem to be written as well as a couple of his others he wrote but they're readable. He used to chum around with Hugh Heffner, appear at Heff's mansion and do some of the Talk Shows when he first came back to the U.S. from Europe where he was living as he was considered a sort of "Bad Boy" in the U.S. 004737 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate (2), Monckton, C.A.W.
8 Monckton, C.A.W. Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate (2)
U.K. Penguin Books. 1937 #70. Ninth Penguin Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Very Good. 
Six Pence is the indicated original price of this book. Tight binding except the first and last pages open easily. 256 pages. Light medium beige paper, a bit darker at the edges.
Front Cover: Some wear's at the left Spine edge.
Spine: Wear's at the top and bottom edges and a couple of " pieces are missing at the top and bottom corners.
Back Cover: A minor bit of wear's at the left and right edges.
In General: A 1" indent's at the bottom edge of the back few pages. Pages ninety-one to 109 have a book length 1/8" indent going down the pages. It's nothing much but I thought I'd mention it.
Story: As the Title says but it's not a dull book by any means. 004454 
Price: 27.00 USD
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I am Not Spock, Nimoy, Leonard
9 Nimoy, Leonard I am Not Spock
Canada/U.S. Ballantine Books, Inc. #345-25719-7. First Ballantine Book (Can.) Edition. Mass Market Paperback. About Good. Cover Art: Csatari, Joseph. 
May, 1977. $1.75 is the original price. 150 pages. A bit off - white paper. Tight binding. The edges are somewhat dirty from handling. Contains: Black and white photos.
Front Cover: Small creases at the corners and some handling marks.
Spine: The usual crease from book opening. Various handling marks and a slightly upturned bottom left corner.
In General: Opens easily where the photos are but I don't want to reinforce it as it's not too much and the Spine would probably then be a bit bumpy once I reglue it with nylon reinforcing tape.
Story: Nimoy claims he's actually a Human but I don't believe it. He just wants to lull us all into a false sense of security before the Vulcans (what's left of them) try to take us over. 004908 
Price: 45.00 USD
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Life on the Mississippi, Twain, Mark (Pseud. of: Clemens, Samuel).
10 Twain, Mark (Pseud. of: Clemens, Samuel). Life on the Mississippi
U.S. Airmont Pub. Co., Inc. 1965 #CL55. First Airmont Books Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. 
       $.50 is the original price. Tight binding. 318 Pages plus a page of Advertising. Medium yellow paper.
Front Cover: Three creases are at the top right corner where possibly the book was pushed against something.
Spine: A bit of creasing's at the bottom edge.
In General: A few indents are beside the Spine side but they end by Page thirty-five and don't appear to be from water but possibly just age. Both Covers are turning beige on the back.
Story: Mark Twain's description of his life as a river Pilot. 004447 
Price: 27.25 USD
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Sailor's Odyssey, Viscount Cunninham of Hyndhope, Vice Admiral of the Fleet
11 Viscount Cunninham of Hyndhope, Vice Admiral of the Fleet Sailor's Odyssey
U.K. Grey Arrow Books 1961 #G02. First Grey Arrow Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Good Plus. 
Six Shillings is the original price. 335 pages plus some book Advertising on the inside of the Back Cover. Tight binding. Light beige paper. Contains: A few maps and an Index.
Front Cover: A long crease from book opening's beside the Spine side and another two are beside the missing piece of Cover you'll see on the Cover scan. There are also smaller creases.
Spine: A bit wrinkled and has wear at the edges.
Back Cover: A couple of creases and a couple of slide mark scuffing lines. The top left corner's creased about " - wide. Some slight wear's at the left and right edges.
In General: The pages are quite flexible and his Story's interesting with not much self - patting on his back for this or that the soldiers and sailors deserve credit for doing as usually they do all the heavy lifting everywhere and the "Boss" assumes credit for sitting in his comfy Offices while they get killed fighting. War isn't a pretty thing.
This is Volume two and carries Cunningham's Autobiography from April, 1941 to August, 1945. It's detailed but quite readable. Recommended. 004696 
Price: 15.50 USD
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Up from Slavery, Washington, Booker T.
12 Washington, Booker T. Up from Slavery
U.S. Airmont Pub. Co.. 1967 #CL157. First Airmont Books Ed. Mass Market Paperback. Mint Minus. 
       $.50 is the original price. 192 pages. Light medium beige paper. Tight binding.
In General: A faint double corner crease's at the upper right possibly from the book being pushed too tightly against the corner of the box it originally was in.
Story:<.b> Washington's Autobiography. 004850 
Price: 26.50 USD
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